Mindfindr and Career Planning

Career planning is not just about making decisions about what to do after the high school

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Career planning is not just about making decisions about what to do after high school. In today’s rapidly changing world, it is important to continuously reassess and plan for your career as your values, life experiences, and other motivations change throughout your working life.

As you know, organizations uses suitability assessments to help their employees plan for professional development and to facilitate the process of relocating or reallocating resources when there are structural changes.

Having a good understanding of your abilities and personality traits is crucial when considering new career opportunities. Without this self-knowledge, you may have unrealistic expectations that could lead to wasting time and energy pursuing the wrong path. Suitability assessments can be helpful in identifying your strengths and weaknesses and directing you towards careers that align with your skills and interests. It is also important to consider your current and desired level of education when planning your career and deciding how much time and money to invest in training and development.

At Mindfindr, we understand that making career choices based on objective factors, in addition to subjective interests and opinions. Mindfindr can help you avoid disappointments and navigate towards a position that aligns with your skills and qualifications in today’s specialized job market.

That’s why we offer the Mindfindr assessment to help you discover the most suitable professions and occupations for you. Mindfindr provides a personality report that is focused on worklife and includes a multi-level list of occupations based on more than 350 ISCO classified occupations.

Take the first step towards finding your dream career with Mindfindr.